The Ecom Opportunity

Why outsourcing eCommerce logistics is the secret to a global success

Top 10 DHL partner by volume in Estonia

What if you
attempted global
eCommerce alone?

Deal with increasing fixed costs for buying or leasing a warehouse.

Face growing long-term operating costs with locked agreement dates.

Take high-risk loans or lose stake for equity to raise working capital.

Pay premium freight expenses because sales volume is still low.

…a better way

eCom Partnership

Test new markets with a low-cost structure

Delight new customers with fast deliveries and competitive shipping rates

Only pay for the services you need, as long as you need it.

Here’s how it works

1. Receiving Shipments
2. Quality Check
3. Storage
4. Orders
5. Pick & Pack
6. Shipping Out
7. Delivery

Additional services include: Organizing inbound freight, quality check, repacking, labeling etc.

“When choosing a solution for logistics, the criterias that we assessed our possible partners by were: flexibility, wide range of services, strategical location, minimal risk and low cost. eCom Partners met all of our expectations and we are already benefiting from the outstanding results of this decision. Thank you eCom Partners!”

- Logonet Promotions

“The transportation rates were the biggest challenge for us in the beginning while we were trying to expand into new markets. For Divestock the big change happened once we found eCom Partners as our logistics & order fulfillment provider. We can focus on what we do best - increasing sales.”

- Divestock LTD

“We turned to eCom Partners to handle our warehousing, shipping and order fulfillment of our B2B customers. We chose eCom Partners due to their thoroughness and accuracy throughout the whole process. Cost saving is a bonus too, of course. eCom Partners provides very innovative and efficient solutions that are necessary to keep your competitive edge! We as a wholesaler completely trust eCom Partners to take care of our retailers. Tailored All-In-One solutions were needed by us and eCom Partners turned our visions into reality.”

- 2F / Fenix Fashion

“We selected Ecom Partners as our full-service logistics partner when we decided to execute the global roll-out of our mooring snubber product range. We started with two of our products and Ecom Partners handled everything from customs clearance from China to the European Union, to repackaging, warehousing, inventory and shipping to our final customers. Once this was proven to work well, we outsourced our entire logistics to Ecom Partners and are now able to focus on product R&D as well as marketing, which is what we do best.”

- TheSnubber

Experience from global success stories

Ongoing growth consulting for client companies and partners on logistics and warehouse management.

Existing partnerships with leading marketing and technology companies to provide comprehensive eCommerce solutions where needed.

Outstanding technological expertise on Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and other enterprise-level eCommerce platforms.

3 Reasons to try outsourcing eCommerce logistics with us

Save Money from the start

Guaranteed savings on every outgoing package with our exceptionally low rates on express shipping.
PLUS: The location in Estonia saves you daily. Lower cost of labor, great geolocation and more.

Progressive Scalability

Whether your international breakout happens next week or next year, our solution is ready to scale with you.

Try risk-free and without long-term commitment

No need for lengthy arrangements. Just get started and continue if you are satisfied.

Free 30-Day Trial

See how effective ecommerce logistics can be

Lowest shipping rates inside European Union!

We offer competitive Global Fixed Rates for all packages between 0-35 kg.

1. Choose 1 to 3 of your high volume products.

2. Send one month of product inventory to Tallinn, Estonia.

3. eCom Partners will carry your order fulfillment for a month without any service costs.

During the trial, you won’t be accountable for any additional costs or hidden commitments.

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